The Lockdown and Development - Broadcast Masterclass.

How is the lockdown affecting the development process and what is the longer-term impact of coronavirus on programming?

The Panel:

Tim Harcourt, Studio Lambert Creative Director

Ana de Moraes, MultiStory Media Chief Creative Officer

Charlie Bennett, Talkback Director of Development

It was clear from all the panel that it’s hard to keep the spark of development teams going under lockdown and all were looking forward to getting them back in the same room. All stressed the importance of timing with an idea. They were even looking through their back catalogue of ideas to see whether shows might have a better chance in the current climate.

Foreign shows: practicality speaking will be difficult to get them away for a while, but don’t let that put you off developing the idea.

Ana stressed the importance of looking longer term - thinking of ideas that will live for 5-8 series.

Charlie talked about how the gaps between projects can be useful as brainspace can help with creativity.

Tim said the important thing was focusing on ideas you love rather than working to a specific brief.

All teams are looking more at SVODs as they are insulated from the downturn in advertising revenue, but tighter budgets from terrestrials can still be an opportunity for smaller production companies.