Covid 19 - impact on commissioning.

So as we settle into the new reality, however temporary that might be, it’s worth taking stock of where the Broadcasters are. Headlines are that most will be filling their schedules with repeats and mash-ups, leaving many freelancers to sit at home and feel the financial squeeze. But with over 500 000 freelancers working in the creative industries there is great potential for that creativity to be put to good use, developing the new raft of ideas.


Now could be the perfect time to put pen to paper on that drama idea you’ve had niggling away in the back of your mind. Do keep focussed on the market though, where you see the drama transmitting, and whether it’s returnable.


A trickier proposition but you can use the time to turn an idea sketched on the back of an envelope into a fully fledged pitch. Which channel, which slot should it be in? Can it be developed into a returnable series (as that’s usually what the market is looking for)? Should talent be attached and who? All the answers will help the commissioners envisage the project, and should mean less time in a later development stage.


It’s hard to break through the wall to wall Corona Virus coverage at the moment, but not impossible. Non-corona stories might struggle to get through the 10pm slots, but there’s potential for say C4’s 7pm.

Light Entertainment:

Similar to documentaries - now is really a time to hone your idea. Work done now will make your idea more identifiable with you, and mean less development work would have to be done (potentially by someone else), further down the line.

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