Fact Ent at ITV - PACT webinar.

Sue Murphy, Jo Clinton-Davies and Amanda Stavri. May 2020.

Amanda Stavri.

They’re open for business but nothing covid related. Looking beyond the lockdown.

ITV2: They have a Love Island shaped hole. They have a cheeky, young audience. As long as tone is right, it can be anything from animation to game show. Just avoid factual, they are more purer entertainment. They want to be noisy/talkabout - want to get attention, make an impact. Look at an events calendar - Valentines, Halloween etc. Think of what talent can be brought, but also which talent can be discussed with the channel.

ITVBe. Young women and mum’s 25-45. Glossy. Reality shows. Mummy diaries. Larger than life female characters. Characters who are successful, glamorous and happy to speak their minds. “Find the real people in Stars, rather than the stars in real people”. Already have a lot of parenting and motherhood shows.

Range of budgets. No set tariff. Do have development funding. Talent doesn’t have to be attached. Plenty of potential for comedians.

Jo Clinton-Davis.

They’re hungry for ideas wherever they come from. She’s working with a number of Prod Co’s she’s not worked with before, just need scale of thinking and point of access. Alot of small indies are creative powerhouses (Yeti did Prince of Wales) and creativity is at a real premium now. They want great ideas that really get your attention. Access still important, but only works if it’s something everyone is curious about - palaces or prisons. Access needs to be hard won.

If we can’t travel under Covid how are we going to get our exoticism? Ritz Hotel etc. Has to sell itself on the access, then what is the USP of that access and why now? Think of 1) access then 2) format and 3) tone that sets the pulse racing. Stories need an authenticity such as Long Lost Family, an emotional core. She thinks institutions might be more open at these times. Title can help as well, “Best Little Prison” for instance. Don’t do the issue first, do the journey first (echoing Sue). Test the idea on people you know. Doesn’t want anything anodyne.

Sue Murphy.

Everyone gets a buzz with a good new idea, but they don’t expect the full package up front. Clear priority is 9pm. Competitive. Want more event pieces they can strip such as Real Full Monty or Harry’s Heroes. Loose formats but big narratives and purpose is worn very lightly. Must be big and noisy and deliver joy and friendship and uplifting content. Cheering up is the way to go. Also 9pm fact-ent series. Travel is difficult but have done a lot of that in the past. Can still be aspiration and discovery. Put presenters in as fish out of water. Ideas should announce themselves. Would it be front cover of TV Times? Or Mail on Saturday front page? Also want more high volume returning doc series. 9pm Docs or fact ent. Not looking for anything depressing (death divorce etc). Can have grit, just wrapped up in humour. Don’t want anything too BBC3.

Both Jo and Sue said to look at importance of the title. They just need one (two max) paragraphs as a treatment. They will know instinctively want is right. 100s of emails a day so need to cut through that. Think of the A4 poster of the show. Title first, then talent, then tone. But title is the number one thing. Worst is when they do a great show and they struggle with the title and Sue Murphy gets scared then. Horrible time now but it’s also a real opportunity.