We value ideas… 

So you have an idea for a TV format, programme or series and it’s going to be the next big hit, but who do you send it to? How do you find the time to promote it properly? How can you get it taken seriously?


With the advent of SVoDs like Netflix, Amazon and Disney+, together with AVoDs like Pluto TV, the commissioning picture is more confused than ever. It’s increasingly hard to keep up with what has already been made, and what holes in the schedules the channels are looking to fill. You might know a production company you could take your idea to, but are they really going to be looking after your interests? 


And that is where The Pitch Agency comes in.


We’ll assess your idea, discuss it with you, highlight any issues it might have and work with you to resolve them. Then, rather like a literary agent, we can represent your idea directly to the appropriate channels, completely independent of any production companies. That way we can keep you linked to your project, all the way to production. 


Whether you’re looking for money when the idea’s produced, want to retain IP, or see it as your chance to make a step up the ladder, we’ll advise you how best to get what you want out of your idea.

The Public

We generally prefer representing people already working in the TV industry as they tend to have a clearer idea of what is needed for a show, however if you don’t work in TV and have what you think is a great idea then feel free to submit it - we’re always happy to give advice.

"Ideas can be life-changing.

Sometimes all you need to open the door is just one more good idea."

- Jim Rohn