About us...

Established by experienced Series Producer and Development Producer Dickon Le Marchant, The Pitch Agency has taken decades to come to reality. 


“When I started in the industry I used to take a page of ideas around different production companies to get work. I wanted my foot in the door – the production company wanted the best shows. I’ve always appreciated the value of good ideas, but as a freelancer I know you’re in a vulnerable position with no real way to protect them.”

Even now freelancers might not have a relationship with a suitable production company, and only very rarely direct access to a commissioner.


From working with broadcasters such as BBC, Netflix, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5 it’s also clear the people with great ideas aren’t always getting them through to production. Instead broadcasters often get a narrow range of ideas conceived by the development departments of production companies. The result can be repetitive and unimaginative broadcasting. 


The Pitch Agency solves both problems at once. Using the model of a literary agency it gets the great ideas to the people who need them. Freelancers get what they want out of it: work, money or retaining IP. Broadcasters get a new roster of strong, dynamic, interesting and diverse ideas.


Welcome to a new approach to commissioning.

"Good ideas are common – what’s uncommon are people

who’ll work hard enough to bring them about."

- Ashley Brilliant